Less is More, and Quality Toys are Better Than Quantity

If you’re going to spend the money on a toy for your child, why waste it on something that is going to fall apart, or get discarded quickly? I am a strong supporter of buying something fantastic instead – something that will last. Less is more!

Kids have a shorter attention span than adults, and having dozens and dozens of games, dolls, trucks, and more can get pretty overwhelming. When birthdays or holidays roll around and your child receives toy upon toy that he or she might not ever play with, it’s overwhelming for both them and you – who else is going to find a place for all of this new stuff, or deal with the getting rid of it?

Quality is better than quantity. In fact, too many toys might also do harmquality toys

Kids don’t need a whole room full – in fact, they tend to just play with a handful over and over again. Better quality toys last longer, which is a big bonus if they become a favorite, because you won’t be scrambling for a replacement so often, if at all. In addition, your child will value a long-lasting toy above the myriad of other ones that he or she ignores and probably doesn’t even remember they have.

If you’re looking for some pointers on how to own fewer toys, check out this article on BecomingMinimalist.com.

So how do you find the right toys to become these long-term playmates, and what can you do to limit the inundation of new, under-quality toys at the holidays?

Here are some of our pointers:

  • Start by limiting yourself. The holidays are coming, and the gift-shopping craze is on its way. Think ahead about what kinds of toys your child will (or might) enjoy from a perspective of good quality. Ask yourself as you shop: Is this well-made? Will it fall apart in less than a year, especially if my darling child is playing with it every day? A set of hardwood blocks that you buy for your child at age two are quite likely to still be played with when she’s seven or eight.
  • Passively train your child to appreciate less instead of more. Over time, your child will naturally ignore most of their toys for a few favorites. Why not start this way from a birthday or Christmas, with a much fewer number of new things under the tree? Instead of dozens of new things to open, select several that they will really enjoy and appreciate.  
  • Ask for buy-in from Grandma and Grandpa and other loving people in your child’s life. Your son or daughter’s grandparents probably want to spoil them with tons of presents, but you need their help to continue a method of quality over quantity. Ask them to limit their gifts to just a few per event (birthday, Christmas, etc.), and to try to look for something that will last longer over something that won’t.

In all of your efforts for a ‘less is more’ condition with toys, we are definitely the place to find well-made toys that your child of any age will love for years to come.

At Clover Toys, I have a special focus on high-quality toys that promote the best in creativity, education, and fun with kids. We carry some fantastic and unusual things like hand carved animals from Ostheimer, motorized building kits from Erector , colorful hardwood blocks and elaborate marble runs from Haba, lovely dolls from Gotz and Moulin Roty, and great quality art supplies that really will last for years from Caran D’Ache and Stockmar. We’re happy to help you find something just right to become a favorite for your child.

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