Best Picks for Top-Notch Toddler Toys

Any parent knows that when a toddler gets a new gift or toy, they’ll likely start playing with the box first… the box only lasts for so long, though. After the excitement of the box wears off, the joy & play that come with the toy far outlast the brief adventure of the box!

Every toy store will tell you the best items to have for your toddler, and we certainly have our list, too. When we consider what we’ll carry, we want safe, long-lasting toys that are made in environmentally responsible ways and encourage creative play. Here are a few top-notch toddler toys that we think are essential to every tot’s toy box:

unclegooseclassic_2block_grandeBABY’S FIRST BLOCKS

To us adult folk, Haba’s Baby’s First Blocks might just look like colorful cubes—but to a toddler, they can be anything from towers or fruits to people or animals. In addition to just being wonderful playthings, they’re made with safe materials that meet USA requirements.


The Classic ABC Blocks are not only a wonderful way to teach young ’uns letters & animals—but they’re works of art. They go well with Baby’s First Blocks and add an interesting tactile element that teaches children about texture and the sense of touch.


Who didn’t have a top that they loved & played with for hours as a toddler? This panoramic train-themed top is perfect for little ones who are fascinated by trains—particularly fans of Thomas the Train!


Of course you may need to limit the time your little one has access to a noisy toy—but this is an excellent toy to help teach your child about sounds, music & color. It’s made by Plan Toys, which means they’re produced preservative-free, an eco-friendly & sustainable way, with minimal waste.


At some point, you’re going to have to get your kid their first set of wheels anyhow, right? It may as be a Wheely Bug that’s soft, safe, and doesn’t limit the direction your child is going (like many similar toys). At clover, we carry the Bee and Ladybug models!

We have a LOT of different toddler toys—and are just a few of our favorites. Come by our storefront in Ballard to see the rest!

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