5 Must-Have Christmas Gifts for Children (to last for years to come!)

Whether you’re hunting gifts for children, or one of the adorable littles in your life that you get to send home at the end of the day (we’re looking at you, aunts & uncles!) shopping for children is an art. Everyone wants to find that perfect toy that will cause the little recipient’s face to light up with joy at first site—and encourage healthy growth in fun & explorative ways. Before you head out to a big box store for toys that’ll break or be outdated before summer, check out these five gift ideas that will foster creativity, help create lasting fun & memories, and last for years!

1. Puppets! Clover has a large selection of puppets for little hands including fairytale characters, dragons, and favorite animals like Screen-Shot-2014-01-24-at-9.21.53-AM-300x297bunnies, foxes, and lions. Encourage the art of storytelling by giving a child a puppet for each hand!

2. An Explorer’s Kit – Every child is born with a sense of adventure (you probably picked up on this the third or fourth time you had to take your little climber off of the kitchen table) and Moulin Roty’s Explorer’s Kit is a wonderful way to encourage that sense. Take your tot on an adventure, and let them guide the way (within reason, of course!) with their compass, satchel & other exploratory elements!

3. A Kid-sized Apron & Kitchen Utensil Set – If you’ve got a kid in your life who is always pulling up a chair to check out what you’re cooking, get him or her an apron & utensil set that will fit them! Start teaching your chef-in-training early! (And eliminate at least a *little* of the mess by covering their clothes & giving them utensils that fit their little hands!)

4. A Set of Tree Branch Blocks – Take a step back from the smooth (and maybe a little boring) block sets of your youth, add back a dash of forestry and a smattering of Swiss Family Robinson. These blocks are a slightly more rugged (but still 100% safe) version of the blocks you grew up with and  add to the adventure of building your own wooden little village.

5. Drums and Xylophones – Now, we know that some might think parents try to shy away from noisy toys, but well-tuned musical instruments are for creativity, not annoyance.  Getting kids involved in music early in their lives has proven to have many cognitive benefits, but perhaps the most important one is fun!  This is why musical instruments are a perfect gift for aunts and uncles to give.

We love seeing kids learn & grow through play—and have a wide variety of toys that can foster creativity, problem solving skills, motor skills & much more while providing hours of enjoyment! Stop by Clover soon to pick up a Christmas gifts for  children and of course your much-loved little one.

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